About Trans-Baikal region

On March 1st 2008 a new subject of the state has appeared on the map of the Russian federation as a result of a unification between Chita Region and Aginski Buryat autonomous region. The region is distinguished by its climate, unique nature and rich mineral and raw material resources. Many different nationalities live together peacefully in this region


Transbaikal region is a part of a Siberian Federal district and occupies the territory of 432 000 square kilometers. The region includes 31 districts with 10 cities and townships. The administrative center of the region is the city of Chita located over 6000 kilometers east of Moscow. The boarders of Transbaikal region have stretched along the Peoples Republic of China, Mongolia, Republic of Sakha (Yakutiya), Republic of Buryatiya as well as Amur and Irkutsk districts.


1 100 000 people live in the region, 90% of which are Russians and 7% are Buryat. The number of people from such nationalities as Ukrainians, Tartars, Belorussians and Evenks is insignificant. About 300 000 people live in the regional capital. The second largest city by the number of the population is the city of Krasnokamensk with the population of 55 000 people. The rest of the population centers have a much lower population density.


The executive authority bodies in Transbaikal region are represented by 12 ministries. The ministries determine the prospective ways for the development of the relative industries and control them within the limits of their authorities.


Transbaikal region is located in the zone of steppes and subarctic forests and is crossed by the basins of such large rivers as Shilka, Argyn (tributaries of Amur river) as well as Olekma and Vitim (tributary of Selenga river). The lakes of Transbaikal region are not numerous and are insignificant for the formation of hydrographic network or the water flow of the region. The rivers on the other hand determine the water content of the region. In order to provide the water supply 71 underground water deposits were explored in the region.


The whole water bearing system of the Transbaikal region provides favorable conditions for the forests that cover over 50% of the regional territory. The forests of the eastern Transbaikal region play a highly significant multifunctional part and are one of the defining factors in providing the balance for all the natural processes. The total area of the forest funds is over 30 000 hectares and the total stock of the standing wood is about 3 000 million cubic meters.


Transbaikal region takes up the eighth place by the amount of the cutting wood fund. The main reserves of softwood and hardwood are located in Uletovski, Kranochikoisky, Nerchinsk and Karimski areas.

The region is also abundant in recreational resources for developing different types of specialized tourism.

Transbaikal region is one of the leading areas in the country by the amount of a large variety of different kinds of ore reserves such as copper, uranium, molybdenum, titanium and other kinds of minerals.

In addition, Transbaikal region has quite a significant amount of gold, tungsten, molybdenum, iron, zinc, silver and lead reserves.

The mineral resources base for the alluvial gold mining is represented by 305 deposits. The coal reserves are located in the southeast, west and north of the region.


Transbaikal region has a great potential in the field of land reserves development. Agro industrial complex plays a leading role in the development of the relevant market. Grains take up a leading place in crop production and most of the cultivated areas are occupied by them. Livestock farming is represented by meat and dairy cattle breeding. It is remarkable that some proportion, though insignificant, is represented by deer herding and camel breeding. An extremely favorable transport and geographical position of the region should also be noted. This contributes to the implementation of the transit functions of the region, promotion of the products in the countries of the Asia Pacific region and establishing mutually beneficial cooperation with them. The constantly growing potential of the Peoples Republic of China determines the neighboring position of the Trans Baikal region as the most favorable among other regions.



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